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Zimbabweans learn from Nigerian music industry gurus

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Zimbabweans learn from Nigerian music industry gurus

The Zimbabwe National Team responsible for the elaboration of the Zimbabwean Music Strategy met virtually for a peer-to-peer exchange with the Nigerian music experts on 11 May 2021.

Experts form the renowned Nigerian Music stakeholders inclusive of the Nigerian Copyright Commission, Universal Music Nigeria, Free Me Digital, The Light, iManage Africa, Chocolate City and Megalectrics, shared their experiences and advice on how the music industry in Zimbabwe can be improved considering the Nigerian industry is more advanced.

Facilitating the exchange programme, Mr. Farai Mpfunya, a Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) expert urged Zimbabwean stakeholders to tap from the Nigerian experiences.

This is the best way to bring Africa together and share ideas, and we expect to learn more on best ways to improve business skills training for sector players, copyright management ideas and experiences of home-grown digital streaming platforms.

Mrs Yarri Kamara, EU Expert Facility Member

Presenters highlighted the urgent need to educate and help music professionals and artists to use their talents in creating revenue and developing their carriers into business models. Mr Godwin Tom shared ideas and best practices on identifying key players and promoters in the industry that can help boost the market even at global level like targeting the diaspora audience.

There’s need to develop training programs that are more focused on educating creatives and artists within the continent so that they build sustainable businesses and create jobs within Africa. To do this, we need to ensure that we build on a system and structure that already exists within Africa and within our specific countries.

Godwin Tom, iManage Africa

The Zimbabwean National Team was advised to collaborate in creating vibrant continental and indigenous streaming platforms to position and market local music and give attention to the diverse cultures. Indications were made that the majority of key players involved in building the Music and Creative industries are business people, independent music artists and private entities.

Stakeholders, creatives and artists should therefore be able to identify and work closely with key players within the industry like diasporas, the corporate sector, film and TV sector and development organizations and should also think around alternative revenue channels to sustain the carriers.

Michael Ugwu, Free Me Digital

Peer to peer exchanges are carried out under the framework of the EU/UNESCO Expert Facility for the Governance of Culture in Developing Countries and are part of the Zimbabwe project “Strategy for the sustainable development of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) in Zimbabwe – focus on the Music sector” piloted by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe. They seek to facilitate exchanges between cultural and creative industries (CCIs) players, public officials and policy administrators from primarily the Global South who have created exemplary policies in their own countries – for new knowledge and new or improved action.

The Zimbabwe music industry strategy project seeks exchanges around mutually beneficial and exemplary policies, measures and experiences under the following themes:

  • Enabling Environment: Training – in particular training in music business skills;
  • Copyright Collection and Related Issues; and
  • Digital Platforms.

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