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Why You Should Fake It Till You Make It –Eriata Ese


Why You Should Fake It Till You Make It –Eriata Ese

Nollywood actress Eriata Ese discloses her friend lost a multimillion Naira deal because she couldn’t fake her appearance.

The screen diva stated that people are now being rated based on how they present themselves. She noted that her friend would have won the deal if she had showed up for the meeting with a Prado jeep and mobile police escort.

Unapologetic Eriata also said that Lagosians, in particular, rate people based on the car the drive, the cloth they wear and the type of house they live in.

Eriata advised her followers to fake it until they make it so as not to miss important deals. She said;

“I don’t care how this sounds. Fake it till you make it; for the right reasons. A multimillion naira deal just slipped off my friend’s hand just because she didn’t show up to the meeting with Prado, driver and Mopol like the way they do when you want to bid for contract in a big company. It’s obvious we now rate people by their appearance; what you wear, the car you drive and the area/house you live in; especially in Lagos.”

Why You Fake It Till You Make It –Eriata Ese

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