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Why are instant payout casinos gaining momentum?

why are instant payout casinos gaining momentum


Why are instant payout casinos gaining momentum?

Why are instant payout casinos gaining momentum?

Instant payout casinos, also known as fast withdrawal casinos, live up to their name. These are online casinos where players can request a payout and receive one as quickly as their chosen banking method will allow, which can be in just a few minutes or up to a day. Around the world, these types of casinos are becoming increasingly popular. Let’s look at the possible reasons why:


While most casinos have fantastic security inside, casinos and the gamblers leaving them are still targets for robberies. Large scale heists – think Ocean’s Eleven style – are very rare but they do still occasionally happen, like the 2017 armed robbery at the Emerald Resort Casino in Vanderbijlpark. More common are attacks on individuals after they have left the casino – a frightening possibility. Online casinos remove this risk since you can remain safe at home while gambling, and instant payout casinos transfer winnings directly to your bank account or debit card so there’s no worry about carrying around large quantities of cash.

Additionally, this past year has seen a rise in the use of instant payout casinos as the pandemic has closed businesses and made people uncomfortable with going out and spending time with large numbers of strangers. Even though vaccinations have begun, officials are still concerned that a third wave of Covid-19 is coming sometime this spring or summer. Online casinos allow gamblers to remain socially distanced while still having fun.

Mobile games

Video games have been popular for decades but they were usually either marketed at children or at young men. Now that almost everyone has a smartphone, mobile games have taken over a large share of the gaming market. Angry Birds is the best example: a fairly straightforward puzzle game achieved such a massive level of popularity that it spawned not only PC and console versions but two movies as well! With mobile games, there is something for everyone, from puzzle games to strategy games to word games you can play with friends.

Online casinos are very similar. Slot machine games, in particular, are designed with a range of interests in mind. Themes range from Alice in Wonderland to jungle adventure to ancient mythology to classic Las Vegas and everything in between. This variety (with no waiting in a queue for your favourite machine to open up!) is one of the major draws of instant payout online casinos.


Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been trying to find ways to do what they enjoy without leaving the house. Concerts are being livestreamed, new movies are released on streaming services and video calls let us meet up with friends while staying home. The rising popularity of online casinos is part of this trend. While for some people the bright flashing lights and noises of the casino are a major part of the appeal, being able to play your favourite gambling games from the comfort of home is a major attraction. Now that there are a huge number of different online casinos and gambling games available, there is even more choice than at a traditional casino.

According to Onlinecasinosonline Instant payout casinos take this convenience to another level. With these casinos, there are no chips or tokens to exchange or cash to worry about. Some even accept cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, adding an extra layer of convenience if you are looking to convert cryptocurrencies to actual cash.


While most of us are excited for our towns and cities to open up again once the pandemic has calmed down, there are many things that we don’t miss. Driving in busy traffic or riding crowded public transportation, waiting in long queues at busy shops and wearing constricting and uncomfortable work clothes are all things that many of us wish could be left in the past once the pandemic is over. For some people, the thought of getting ready, getting to a casino and dealing with people just to gamble seems overwhelming or like too much of a hassle, especially when there is an easy alternative. Instant payout online casinos have the appeal of letting you play whenever and however you would like, even if that means in bed in your pyjamas or on the bus during your commute.

While a weekend at a casino resort or a big vacation to Las Vegas will always be a fun and exciting trip, instant payout online casinos have gained momentum because of their convenience, the increased safety and the widespread popularity of mobile gaming.

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