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Video: Lucid Phase – “Hitting Me Now” (feat. K-Skunk)



Video: Lucid Phase – “Hitting Me Now” (feat. K-Skunk)

SoCal band, Lucid Phase, consisting of members Garret Laver (lead singer & songwriter), Jacob Flack (Percussion & Backing Vocals) & Cyrus Maleki (Lead Guitar), have released new single record entitled “Hitting Me Now (feat. K-Skunk)” on April 10th 2021 and official music video on April 30th, 2021.

This single is an homage and essence of their forthcoming second full length Summer 2021 album entitled Orchid Thief.

The track features K-Skunk who doubles as bass player of San Diego based band, Sensi Trails.

K-Skunk lyricizes “We keep the fire burning bright – Let it light up the night – Tip your glass of red wine if you’re feeling alright.”

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