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Top 8 excuses you’ll hear from cheating men

8 excuses youll hear from cheating men

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Top 8 excuses you’ll hear from cheating men

Cheating is one of the biggest relationship deal-breakers and is even considered a sin.

Whatever the form of cheating, whether it was a one-time fling or a long-term love affair, women can find it very difficult to forgive and forget an act of adultery.

When men are caught and confronted about the reason as to why did they cheat, they come up with silly excuses.

Some may blame their partners, or some may just pass it off a mistake or blame it on their drinking habit. Here we will discuss some excuses you’ll hear from cheating men when they are caught.

1. Denying the cheating episode

It is the easiest excuse to deny the cheating act completely. It may help the cheating men to give relief to their partners as they might believe them and be content with the fact that their relationship is still intact.

Cheating men go a long way to hide their affair. They might even indulge their friends as a false alibi to ridicule your claim.

2. Questioning the partner’s mental ability

The one thing men tend to do when accused of cheating is that they, in turn, accuse their partner of being out of their mind. They make them feel like all of this doubt is in their head and manipulate their partners.

Gaslighting accusers is one common practice. They just don’t deny any error on their part but also try to manipulate their partners into thinking as if they are out of their minds.

3. They are just friends

When men are caught cheating with either colleagues or just random women they are involved with, they try to brush it off by saying that they are just good friends and that there is absolutely nothing between them.

4. It just happened once

When men are caught red-handed and can’t use any other reason, they try to justify the horrid act by saying that it happened once thinking that it will make everything okay.

5. The affair has ended

When a man gets caught cheating, he will try to save their relationship by telling his partner that it’s over and will never happen again.

But as they say, ‘Once a cheater always a cheater,’ they may intentionally lie about it and may continue to have an affair outside of the relationship.

6. It was just a fling and didn’t mean anything

Telling that it was just physical and nothing else and will never happen again. But it doesn’t change the fact that it was a betrayal. For men getting sexually involved outside a relationship isn’t that big of a deal.

7. All men cheat

Justifying his indiscretion by pointing fingers at others not only undermines your worth but is also a very childish behavior.

Yes, men do indeed cheat, but not all men. Instead, they stick to their promises. They know the consequences that their infidelity can have on their partner and their relationship.

8. I was thinking about you the entire time

Another excuse that cheating men make after getting caught is that the person they cheated on reminded them of you, and even though he was unfaithful, it was someone who looked or seemed like you.

Such statements are an obvious attempt at emotional manipulation. This is a person with little or no guilt for their actions and tries to condone them by trying to make you a part of it.

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