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Top 8 adorable things about dating a shy guy!

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Top 8 adorable things about dating a shy guy!


So, you’ve got your eyes on a guy. He’s cute, funny and maybe even a bit shy.

There’s always a bit of hesitation when it comes to dating someone shy but we’re here to break that notion.

Shy people are actually awesome and you’d be very lucky to date one too. Still not convinced? Read on and you might just agree with us too.

1. When he shows you his love or emotions, you know it is all too true!

If he comforts you when you’re having a bad day or makes an effort with your friends or family, you know this is him giving you extra special treatment. It does take a lot for him to put himself out there, but he does it for you, making him the perfect adorable shy boyfriend!

2. He pays attention to everything you say and even remembers it long after you’ve said it!

He may not be the most talkative person, but he loves listening to you. And you can be sure that his attention to detail is unmatched!

3. He is basically the most modest and humble person you know

He may be great at a number of things, but you’ll never hear him brag! This is what makes you want to praise him in front of the world even more!

4. There are things about him you discover every day, even long after you’ve been together!

“What, you have a double degree in Economics and French? You can speak French fluently?” Oh, the things you learn every day about a shy boyfriend!

5. He loves giving you small little surprises

Awww. He expresses himself through his actions rather than words! Forget the grand gestures, this is a boy who makes you feel loved through the day with little things.

6. He still gets nervous around you sometimes!

When he wants to tell you something important or give you something special, he gets kind of nervous! How adorable is that?!

7. He is super-respectful and well-mannered

Just by default! It doesn’t matter if he’s talking to the guard at your building or his teacher, please and thank you are words he makes good use of.

8. You know for a fact that he loves it when you take the lead

Whether it’s in bed, or when it comes to planning a date, you never have to worry about whether he’s going to be upset about you taking charge. He’s told you he loves it!

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