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Top 7 things that can make deodorant less effective

7 things that can make deodorant less effective

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Top 7 things that can make deodorant less effective

We all rely on deodorant to prevent perspiration and the odor it can produce.

However, not knowing the difference between this product and an antiperspirant, as well as not knowing how to use it correctly, can have unpleasant consequences.

Has it ever happened to you that, despite showering daily and putting on your deodorant, you ended up smelling bad?

To save you from embarrassing situations, we’ve made a compilation of some of the most common mistakes made when it comes to wearing deodorant. Read on to know.

1. You wear it thinking it’s an antiperspirant

The first thing you should always keep in mind is that deodorant and antiperspirant are 2 completely different products. The former is considered cosmetic and is intended to suppress or at least control unpleasant odors. Most deodorants will actually just mask it. They’re usually alcohol-based and, when applied, they cause the skin to become acidic. What that does is basically make the skin a less attractive environment for bacteria, which are responsible for the bad odor.

2. You wear way too much deodorant

Depending on the type of product you wear, recommendations, in terms of how much you should wear, may vary. If you use aerosol deodorants, spray it 15 centimeters away from your armpit. You can determine how much deodorant to apply according to what the manufacturer of your favorite spray indicates. However, experts advise not to spray so much deodorant that you find yourself in a haze.

3. You don’t take into account the sensitivity of your skin

If you experience a persistent underarm rash, you may have developed an allergy to your deodorant. In this case, you’ll be better off looking for an alternative. Try going for one that is specifically designed for sensitive skin and that doesn’t contain aluminum salts, fragrances, perfumes, or dyes.

5. You apply it immediately after shaving or epilating

After you shave your armpits or epilate them, it’s better to wait a little while before applying any other products, including deodorant. Applying these to freshly shaved skin may cause some discomfort. Always make sure to let your skin rest for a while to reduce the chances of irritation from the use of this product.

6. You wear the same product when you exercise and when you’re just going to work

During intense physical activity, your body’s natural reaction is to generate a lot of sweat. This is one of the reasons why the deodorant you normally wear might not be enough to keep you fresh and free of strong odors. The best thing to do in these cases is to wear a special deodorant specifically made to be used for athletic activities.

7. You wear synthetic fabrics on hot days

Wearing tight-fitting clothing, especially items that are tight under the arms, can cause underarm stains on your clothes. Not only that, but these might make you sweat more too. So instead, during hot summer days, try wearing loose-fitting clothes made of breathable fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and moisture-wicking blends. Wearing the appropriate clothing will allow your body to remain cool while also preventing.

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