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Top 7 signs your partner is a compulsive liar

7 signs your partner is a compulsive liar

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Top 7 signs your partner is a compulsive liar

Relationships are built on trust and in most cases we tend to lose the sign of what is true and what is false because we never really crosscheck the information we receive from our partner.

While it’s a very good idea to trust your partner and have faith in them but blind faith is not a good thing.

Being blind in love and believing every word your partner says can cost you heavily if your partner turns out to be a liar.

We all lie but there’s a difference between petty lies and lies that can damage the foundation your relationship is built on.

Here are some signs that you’re dating a compulsive liar

  1. Keep an eye on their body language when you talk. If your partner seems fidgety or doesn’t look you in the eye or seems closed off or nervous, then it may be a sign that they’re lying to you. This is usually coupled with a gut instinct that something is off.

  2. Their stories don’t match up or it keeps changing. If your partner tells you one thing but then changes or tweaks the story when they narrate it to a friend or a neighbour then that’s probably because they’re making it up or lying about it.

  3. Their stories always have loopholes. There are things they cannot explain or try to cover up when questioned about or maybe they don’t have enough evidence to support their stories or rather uphold them.

  4. They often tend to contradict themselves. They may make mistakes with the minor details of the stories they tell mostly because they are just stories and they seem to have forgotten about all the lies they made up when narrating it.

  5. A compulsive liar tends to be very particular when giving out the details of their lie which makes it sound too detailed or too good to be true. They may not be able to remember things the way they narrate them which an obvious sign that they’re lying.

  6. A liar never accepts the truth even if they are confronted with facts. He or she may make up excuses or more lies to cover up one lie and they will do everything in their power to make you believe that their lie is the truth.

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