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Top 7 hygienic habits you should never skip after a workout

7 hygiene habits you should never skip after a workout

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Top 7 hygienic habits you should never skip after a workout

Sweating out is natural while gymming. It is a sign of accomplishment and gives a sense of satisfaction.

But we also know that a gym is full of sweaty bodies and sweaty clothes, which is an ideal environment for breeding of germs and bacteria.

In such a situation, it is important to follow good post-workout hygiene habits. Skipping these can put a person at the risk of developing harmful diseases.

Here are some important things you should do without fail:

1. Wash your hands properly

As soon as you are done with your workout, immediately rush to the washroom and wash your hands properly. Public places, including the gym, are full of harmful bacteria. Hundreds of people touch the equipment every day and germs present in their hands get transferred to the equipment. So in order to maintain good hygiene, always wash your hands after touching the gym equipment. Touching your eyes and nose after using the equipment can be more harmful to you.

2. Wipe down your equipment

Wipe down the gym equipment after you are done with your workout. Most of the people overlook this important gym hygiene habit, which can prove to be harmful to others. Sweaty gym equipment is an excellent place for the multiplication of germs. Use a spray or wipe down your equipment before and after using it.

3. Clean your yoga mat

Do not forget the yoga mat after coming back to home. The mat in which you practiced yoga to calm your mind and body is full of germs and sweat. Various studies prove that yoga at which has numerous small holes are a potential breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. It is even better to take your own yoga mat and avoid the communal yoga mats.

4. Take a bath

When you are working out in a gym for hours, sweating is a normal thing. Sweat can make your hair greasy and can even be a cause of acne. In order to avoid this, take a bath after coming from the gym. Clean your hair and other parts of the body nicely. In case you are in a hurry and cannot take a shower at the moment, then at least try to wash your face to keep acne at bay. Sweat blocks the pores and causes the overgrowth of bacteria.

5. Change your clothes

Slip into something more comfortable post workout. Change your clothes and even undergarments after gymming. The genitals are very sensitive and can get altered in various situations. The sweaty gym clothes decrease the breathability of the vaginal area in women which can change the pH level, causes rashes and infection.

6. Wash your gym kit every day

Make sure to wash your kit straight away after use and do not leave it lying in your drawing room. Use plastic bags to keep your gymming shoes, so bacteria and germs do not spread to other places. Also, try not to contaminate your gym bag as germs love dark and moist places. It can get harmful for your health.

7. Put your gym clothes in the laundry

Do not just let your sweaty workout clothes lying anywhere in the house. As per a 2017 study, some gym equipment is covered with more germs than a toilet seat and surely you do not want to bring them home. So, throw your gym clothes in the laundry bag as soon as you reach home to keep your family and yourself germ-free.

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