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6 special ways to celebrate your dad on fathers day

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Annually, on Fathers Day people get their dad gifts to show gratitude for raising and supporting them.

Just like many other countries around the the world, South African is not an exceptional.

Most times, Fathers Day in South Africa occurs on the 3rd Sunday of June every year. So, if it is June, you should always count three Sundays and mark it on the calendar.

If you can remember, Fathers Day 2020 occurred on 21th June. South Africans posted photos of their fathers with interesting and inspiring captions.

How do I make my father feel appreciated on Father’s Day? There are two ways you can appreciate your father; thanking him.

Either way, it depends on your current relationship with him. However, still, you can try out the following options:

1. Organize a massage session for him

Surprising him with a massage on father’s day will be absolutely worth it. While getting it done you can have some intimate talk about your childhood experience, making him realize the impact he has made in your life.

2. Prepare his favorite meal

Waking your dad up on father’s day with his favorite meal is another way to win his heart. Also, if you cannot cook the dish, you can order it.

3. Get him a card

By getting him a card, you’ll find the right words to let him know how much he means to you. This ways your dad will always keep the card for remembrance. It will be much better if you can make the card on your own than buying it. This way, you will create one that defines his personality.

4. Buy him a gift

Gift hits a special spot when it comes to celebrating our love ones. When we give gifts, it brings joy or pleasure to the receiver. Always be cautious of what your dad has always desired of, but he hasn’t been able to get. When you present the gift to him and tell him how much he means to you.

5. Assist him with his daily chores

On that occasion, you can surprise him by taking care of his daily tasks like arranging his files, cutting grass, or feeding livestock. Remember, these simple things are much better than buying them a car. Unfortunately, we tend to assume their impact.

6. Try camping

Considering the fact the event takes place on the weekend, you can convince daddy to join you and other family members on a camp on your backyard or campsite. While at the camp, you can have a special moment with him. Also, I am sure he would love to hear you shower him with praises while sitting next to that fire.

Fathers Day SA dates

Don’t be get caught by surprise when you see other people celebrating their fathers. To help you prepare in advance, here is a list of Father’s Day dates for the coming years to help you prepare for the occasion in advance:

  • 2021: 20th June
  • 2022: 19th June
  • 2023: 18th June
  • 2024: 16th June
  • 2025: 15th June
  • 2026: 21st June
  • 2027: 20th June
  • 2028: 18th June
  • 2029: 17th June
  • 2030: 16th June
  • 2031: 15th June
  • 2032: 20th June
  • 2033: 19th June

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