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Top 6 bedtime big mistakes that are ruining your skin

6 bedtime big mistakes that are ruining your skin

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Top 6 bedtime big mistakes that are ruining your skin

Bedtime is always a good time. A time to rest your body, get into another world and forget about all your woes for some hours.

Whilst it’s a moment we all look forward to each day, some mistakes we make before going to bed can be of more harm than good to our bodies.

If you want to have good and clear skin, ensure you avoid these bedtime mistakes:

1. Sleeping with makeup

This is a grave mistake when it comes to skincare habits. Your skin needs to get some fresh air and that can’t happen when you have makeup all over your face. It’s such a simple procedure yet a very important routine for healthy skin.

2. Not washing your face

The fact that you did not have makeup on your face doesn’t give you a free pass to bed. By evening, your face usually has collected dust, sweat, and bacteria. In other words, whether you had makeup or not, never sleep without washing your face.

3. Dirty pillows

It beats logic to wash your face only to lay your head on a dirty pillow. Pillows collect dirt and germs from your hair and when the germs land on your face, breakouts may be the next thing you see on your face.

4. Cotton pillowcases

Cotton is good for underwear but not for a pillowcase. The skin on your face is sensitive and requires a softer fabric such as silk or satin.

5. Not getting enough sleep

Sleeping between seven to nine hours each day is paramount for healthy skin. Your skin cells regenerate when you are asleep. Inadequate sleep thus means that your skin does not get ample time to heal and rejuvenate. Plus, lack of sleep stresses your body and mind. Need we mention how dangerous stress is to your skin?

6. Forgetting to push your hair backward or use a sleeping net

Sleeping with your hair all over your face transfers bacteria from your head to your clean face. Plus, hair products are more likely to react with the skin on your face. Sleeping mistakes that ruin your skin.

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