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Top 5 reasons women reject you whenever you ask them out

5 reasons women reject you whenever you ask them out

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Top 5 reasons women reject you whenever you ask them out

Persistence is a good thing and you should never lose hope. There are a lot of guys out there who don’t have a good time talking to girls. They are either not good socially or they have stage-fright.

Whatever the reason may be, they end up being rejected by most of the girls and they develop some sort of complex which makes things even worse for them in the future.

Here are some of the reasons why most of the girls call guys off.

1. You don’t have enough experience or you are highly selective

Social anxiety is one of those things that can alleviate your confidence a lot. Some people even find it hard staring into someone’s eyes for more than some seconds. They are not good at conversations at all. Their first impression is abysmal. They come off as goofs or dumb people. However, they have a lot to offer when someone gets to know them.

2. You are trying to be unoriginal and someone else

The problem with people is that they think that if they pretend to be extroverts and outgoing and fun all the time in front of people, they will automatically lure more people towards them. Trust me, that is a huge misconception. Originality and rawness are what attract most people. There are different types of girls and they feel secure around different types of guys..

3. Society is misleading you

Chivalry is a long-forgotten concept. Most of the guys nowadays try to act like teenagers even when they grow up. There is nothing wrong with displaying little gestures of love for your woman in a public place, like holding the door open for her. You should not be ashamed of this.

4. You need to inspire yourself to inspire others

If there is no inspiration in your life, then how can you expect someone to be attracted to you? If you live the same boring routine, day in and day out, and just hope to magically find the love of your life on the street, then these miracles happen once in a blue moon. You need to do exciting things in your life and change your lifestyle and meet new people in different environments.

5. You over-think

Over-thinking can ultimately destroy you. Acquire you ever seen someone across the table but you’ve kept your mouth shut and remained silent, but there is a lot of biological activity in your head at the same time? You’re thinking about what the other person thinks about you and instead of just saying a simple hello; you wander off to unchartered territories and lose a golden opportunity to meet someone new in your life.

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