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Top 5 reasons why relationship closure is so important

5 reasons why relationship closure is so important

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Top 5 reasons why relationship closure is so important

All relationships end messy. It’s bound to happen. And there are those that end abruptly and never really get resolved.

Relationship like these are like loose ends. For you to truly get on in life, you have to tie these loose ends and get closure.

Closure is the most important post-breakup practice and here’s why.

1. You need to move on

For you to truly move on, closure is a necessary evil. Talking things out with your ex is important to get everything that needs to be said out there and ensure there’s no bad blood between you both.

2. You have to know they’re going to be okay

Making sure you and your ex are going to get on well after the break up is important. You don’t want them to hate you in spite of all the good times you shared. At the same time, you want to ensure that they’re okay with this relationship ending the way it did.

3. You figure out which direction you’re headed

When a relationship ends, you discover that you and the person you fell out of love with have to go your separate ways. Whether you want to admit it or not, the person you’ve dated gives you some insight into yourself. It may be that they never supported your art work, so you realize that you need to focus more on that. Talk like this will help you get insight on what you want to do.

4. You learn more about yourself

We’re humans and we make mistakes all the time. Our faults become more apparent when we date someone. When we have closure, our significant others let us know how we might have messed up in the relationship and point out all our flaws that may or may not need to change.

5. You learn more about life & love in general

When the next person comes along, you’ll learn from your mistakes and react differently based on the things you learnt from your moment of closure.

Closure is healing, which is why all relationships need it.

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