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Top 5 pregnancy myths you need to stop believing

5 pregnancy myths you need to stop believing

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Top 5 pregnancy myths you need to stop believing

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most exciting phases of a woman’s life. And while it is exhilarating, it is new as well.

So naturally, first-time mothers are brimming with questions, a lot of which are answered by the pados wali aunty and/or relatives. But should you really trust it?

Many a time, suggestions and advice are based on superstitions and misleading tales that hold no truth. This gives birth to myths, the kind that can be bad for your health.

Which is why today we want to clear the air about five of the most common pregnancy myths you must not believe:

Myth 1: You should be eating for two

This is the most common advice that expecting mothers get. And yet there is no evidence that suggests that a pregnant woman must double her diet because she is eating for two people. You might think it’s good for your baby, but it’s not really. Gaining far too much weight during pregnancy can make labor a tricky process. So it’s best to talk to your doctor about your diet.

Myth 2: You can erase stretch marks by just moisturising

One of the major downsides that come with pregnancy is stretch marks. When it comes to preventing stretch marks, there are many dos and don’ts out there—one of which is applying creams and oils to keep your skin moisturised. While it’s true that when your skin is hydrated, you end up preventing stretch marks to a certain extent. But you can’t reverse them with creams once they develop.

Myth 3: You be shouldn’t exercising

Exercise is healthy for you even when you are pregnant. Just check with your doctor first and avoid exercises that strain your abdominal muscles. Follow exercises and yoga poses that are pregnancy safe and you are good to go.

Myth 4: You can’t have sex while you’re pregnant

Many people think that having sex during pregnancy can hurt the mother and/or the baby. But that’s not true at all! Turns out for some women, pregnancy makes sex more enjoyable! So, if you are in the mood for it then there’s nothing to worry about.

Myth 5: You cannot color your hair

If you have been advised against coloring your hair during pregnancy, then let us tell you that you can. Most people think that chemicals found in hair color can affect the foetus, but in most cases that’s not true.

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