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Top 5 most common health issues women face in their 40s

5 most common health issues women face in their 40s

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Top 5 most common health issues women face in their 40s

There is an adage that says, “life begins at forty”. However, this is also often the time that the body starts to wear out, signalling the onset of lifestyle diseases.

With hectic schedules, inconsistent health-care patterns, and unhealthy habits, most people are plagued by silent but life-threatening conditions.

Listed below are the most common health issues women face in their 40s.

1. Deteriorating vision

When you’re a woman in your 40s, your vision may not be as good as it once was. Many women this age commonly report reaching for reading glasses or experiencing common eye issues, such as dry eye, that never appeared before. So, if it’s been a while since you visited your eye doctor, it’s time to schedule that appointment.

2. Increased risk for cancers and other major health issues

Unfortunately, as women continue to age, their risk for many serious diseases increases. Examples of this include colon cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, and skin cancer. With all of these issues, prevention and early detection are vital. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of regular screenings and ask your primary care doctor if you should be considering any new health screenings due to your age.

3. Unintended pregnancy

While the dangers of unprotected sex might be more advertized towards younger generations, having an accidental pregnancy or catching STDs is still very likely to happen to women in their 40s. If you’re not hoping to make any additions to your family, be mindful and intentional about the birth control methods you use. Speak with your primary care doctor or gynecologist about what option might be best for you.

4. Changes in bone density

When you grow older, your body slowly begins to change and deteriorate. This is especially true for your bones during this age. That’s why ensuring you spend time getting plenty of Vitamin D, taking extra supplements to help fill in what has disappeared, and exercising regularly is essential for keeping your bones happy and healthy. Doing so will lead to fewer health issues down the road.

5. Shifts in lifestyle habits

You’re not as young as you once were, and, while that may not be impacting much right now, you may notice subtle shifts in your lifestyle habits. For example, maybe you’re not as sexually active as you once were. Or maybe you don’t workout as much or eat as healthily as you did before. Keeping track of how things are changing for you—and if you enjoy those changes—is extremely important. If you want to have more intimate time with your partner, you might consider going to sexual therapy.

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