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Top 10 proudly South African snacks & product you should try

10 proudly south african snacks product you should try

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Top 10 proudly South African snacks & product you should try

Everyone loves a little snack once in a while. Whether you are snacking before a meal or using snacks as a dessert, the best South African snacks are those that are truly unique.

Fortunately, you will always find a few that you can choose from. The good news is that you are always covered when it comes to variety.

For all the snacks lovers, we present 10 proud snacks and products you can only find in South Africa. Here’s a list of them below:

1. South African chocolates

Some of the favourite South African snacks are chocolates. The country is known for making some of the creamiest, yummiest and mouth-watering chocolates you will ever taste. What’s more, they come in varieties making it possible for you to choose whichever you prefer. These include: Cadbury lunch Bar 46g, Cadbury crunchie 41g, Cadbury chomp 22g, Cadbury lunch bar mini 23g, and Cadbury P.S. Caramilk 46g.

2. Flings chips

These maize snacks are loved across the country. It does not matter whether you are a child or a grown individual, flings are magical. They are a must-have during children’s parties and outdoor fun events such as games. You will be reminded of your childhood every time you snack on them. A bowl of flings during a rugby tournament is all you need to stay focused on the game.

3. Big corn bites

Just as the name suggests, this is the snack you must have in your kitchen cabinet. It is not only a world of corn goodness but also a perfect combination of rich flavours and crunchiness. Carrying a few packs for a friend or family member abroad may be the most thoughtful idea you ever come up with.

4. Chappies

Have you ever chewed gum and never got enough of it? Well, this is exactly what chappies will do to you. While they may not be a few cents today, they are still worth every coin you spent. Thoughtfully packing a pack for one of the Makro fans abroad will be the best surprise you give them on arrival.

5. Peppermint crisps

If you like a bit of minty flavour in your sweets, then these crisps will be perfect.Those from South Africa are definitely the best. No matter what alternatives are available in other countries, nothing tastes like those from SA.

6. Zoo biscuits

The goodness is self-explanatory. A bite or two of these biscuits and you will realize that you are chewing in the jungle.

7. All Gold tomato sauce

While it may not necessarily be a snack, it is what makes ceratin snacks all yummy and soft. While the rest of the world may be praising Heinz, South Africans will tell you that this is the best sauce. All you need to do is try it and you will be ordering online wherever you are.

8. Provita

This is another of South Africa’s finest. While the preference for this may vary, those that love it want it neat and complete. This only means that you should be careful about is how you pack them.

9. Fizzers

Make sure not be one of those that go for Makro suitcases just to stash these tempting snacks when travelling abroad. Fizzers are probably the most tempting of all snacks. Whether you prefer the newer flavours introduced recently, or are more of a die-hard fan of strawberry and cream soda flavours from before, you can be sure that you will enjoy.

10. Ouma rusks

This is the one of so-called ‘proudly South African products’. It is a sure bet that you will find them nowhere else. They come in a variety of flavours which means that you must know what your friend abroad prefers before you rush to pick your favourite. After all, you want them to enjoy more.

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