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Swindlers Are Everywhere In The Music Industry –Singer 6pin Cries Out

swindlers are everywhere in the music industry singer 6pin cries out


Swindlers Are Everywhere In The Music Industry –Singer 6pin Cries Out

Budding talent 6pin has disclosed the major challenge upcoming artistes are facing in Nigerian Music Industry.

6pin stated that people who use deception to extort money from fresh talents and musicians who are based abroad are many in the industry.

Following the release of his applauded single, ‘Bless Me’, nascent talent, 6pin, also declared his readiness to take over the industry with his enviable craft.

Comrade Izuchukwu Emmanuel, profoundly referred to by his stage name, 6pin, had a chat with us and he took us on a journey into his thriving music career.

Having discovered there is a thin line between having a talent and discovering your talent, 6pin was just a young lad serving God while being a part of the church choir many years back.

It took the listening ears of his uncle to notice he had the gift of poetry and ability to put some word flow into action, and that was the beginning of his long journey into the ever-increasing music industry.

Let’s talk about your early days as an artist. How was it?

I don’t mean to sound cliché, but this is the truth. It wasn’t something I had planned out already, it just happened. I was opportune to realise that there’s a big difference between having a particular talent and discovering your talent. As a young boy growing up and serving God as it is in most homes, singing in the church choir made me feel happy anytime I had the chance to. It took the listening and attentive ears of my uncle to unleash this great gift, and that’s something I would forever remain grateful to him for. He saw something in me after he heard me just play around words (freestyle) and that motivated him to get me into the studio and do something more solid and that was how 6pin the brand was birthed.

Doing music outside the shores of Nigeria, what’s the major challenge?

Getting the right audience for my brand, with the obvious fact I am in a different country that has a different kind of industry. That conscious fact brought me to that point where I had to ask myself, how I can break into the Nigeria music industry without falling into the hands of swindlers knowing so well it’s an inevitable thing that might happen and judging from previous experiences I have had. So, if I am to be honest and keep it some and short, I would say, one major challenge has been getting trusted hands to commit my project into their hands has been the major challenge thus far.

Your new song, ‘Bless me,’ what’s the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind BLESS ME is my story, my experience, my constant cry to God. Looking back to my humble beginnings and where I am coming from, knowing all that has happened to me and to every aspiring youth out there that is also going through a similar experience. Bless me is a prayer, extraordinary song, a super motivational message to the youths. It’s me saying giving up is never an option.

How has the acceptance been so far?

Am grateful to God for the acceptance thus far. Like they say, tiny drops make an ocean. Slowly but surely and so far, it’s been rewarding and fulfilling all together. I got calls from friends saying wow 6Pin you came so hard this time, and seeing that the song Bless me is relatable, the joy is overwhelming getting positive feedback.

Why did you choose to do music?

I did not choose to do music, but music chose me. For me I believe Music is a calling to do greater things and reach out to people irrespective of the culture and religious belief and race. I flow naturally when I am behind the mic and that’s also a sign. I don’t write songs neither do I freestyle. It’s just an in orn thing and I intend to continue harnessing my craft for the betterment of my brand.

Greatest challenge as an upcoming artist?

As an independent artist aiming for greatness in an industry filled with lots of talents and cash to go round, it’s been an interesting ride this far must say. Having the right contacts and connections has always been a major challenge, like I earlier stated. Swindlers are everywhere just waiting for their next victim to devour. It’s been the major challenge but we still thank God for growth thus far.

Nigeria music industry, what do you think is still missing?

Honestly, I am proud knowing how far the Nigeria industry has gone, look how far we have come, Afrobeat is now a global sound, much respect to the late legend Fela Kuti and all the living legends taking Nigeria music global. If genuine love for each other can be felt and shown, we will remain untouchable. It’s really hard getting to collaborate with A-list artist if money isn’t involved and slow, would they do it for the love or just for the money? Just a select few make out time to listen to us and it’s really discouraging let me be honest! If the genuine love can spread and the older ones can look beyond sentiments and all, the industry would be a better place with the right copy right and royalties’ structure also in place.

What’s next for the 6pin brand?

Well, the 6Pin brand alongside with ChadaBoi which happens to be my own label, is just getting started. With the feedback we have gotten so far from this project, we have decided to raise the bars a little higher so we always get to break new grounds with our projects so fingers crossed. Lots of collaborations, within and outside the Nigeria music industry. Fingers crossed.

Listen to ‘Bless Me’ by 6pin here>>

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