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South African celebrities who have been body-shamed (Photos)


South African celebrities who have been body-shamed (Photos)

Some of South African celebrities have been body shamed one way or the other.

However, people feel these celebrities will be perfect as they have all it takes to get a good body work done but still yet gets bullied.

More and more celebrities have become victims of cyber bullying by the same followers that call themselves fans.

The Internet has created a way to make unrealistic standards of beauty the norms of everyday life, and is constantly judging who chooses to accept their bodies and imperfections from the bottom of their hearts.

We have witnessed many celebrities, especially women, being scrutinized by social media for their weight.

Fans may try to protect some celebrities from body-shaming trolls, but it goes without saying that platforms like Twitter aren’t for the timid.

Celebrities such as Boity have been praised for calling for vandalism on the Internet after being dragged in.

In recent years, we’ve seen celebrities weight go up and down just like any other normal human being.

Losing weight or gaining it for that matter is never really a choice, sometimes our bodies just go through some drastic changes that might be seen as “too fat” or “too skinny”.

Let’s take a look at five popular celebrities who have been body shamed:


Rapper and television personality Boity is a significant part of body shaming on the internet, and many compare her to her mother and ask why she is bigger than her.

Troll recently dragged a businessman to have cellulite on her legs after posting a photo of herself in an apparently white dress.


Content creator Thickleeyonce on YouTuber aims to be positive in the body and love the inside and outside no matter what.

Bullies often reveal photos on social media and comment on vloggers mocking her about her size, stretch marks, and other so-called flaws.

Lesego Tlhabi

The star has also been body shamed on several occasions.

Cassper Nyovest

One would assume that it is only omen who get body shamed, but this is not always the case.

South Africa media personality, Cassper Nyovest has also been a victim.


Zahara was also body shamed by twitter users.

The Loliwe hit-maker’s fans were treated to a glimpse of the singer’s revamped body after she posted a picture of herself.

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