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SmaQ- “One Zali” (Bobby East Diss) (Lyrics)

smaq one zali bobby east diss lyrics


SmaQ- “One Zali” (Bobby East Diss) (Lyrics)

Lord… Smeaky (Smeaky) hahaha
Aye yo Kademo; let us go and get em!!!
Lord (Lord) Umujumbuli waikata ka?

Verse 1

Niyambila pa zero then I keep it One Zali
Multiply it by ten and keep it one thousand
I’m occupying my space, fit in where you doesn’t
So pe uchaila hate I hit you with sacarsm
Ukunkumya mofye by accident lomba apology
Chine kumukoshi kwali fit ma Aborogenes
Big Boy Fabrics you might wanna borrow jeans
Money in my DNA you might wanna borrow genes
You tryna be Biggie, Ready to Die
We put Kicks in the door so boi kwenda na knife
We make orders like yoh konko-mufela na Nike
Apo nipa Chibolya like every night
Ba guy muma beef ndiye che muma vanila (Vanilla)
No apology dawg pape sini papatila
Mufunse Mwila aziba,
“Never you fuck with a killer”
Tiku gwila pa off nakwanu ka zuba kambila (mbila)

I said I keep it one zali
(one zali)
I keep one zali (one zali)
I keep it one zali eeh (one zali) eeeheee… ×3

Verse 2

Baby mamma telling me balekefye Aubrey
See why I told you not to be recording
People know you but they will ignore you
Don’t you fight nobody shi lekefyo Aubrey
Bakuona as an easy target
‘Cause you sourcing money off a different pocket
Stop making comments on silly subjects
Know you’re on your own you better work in silence.
Son, let me educate you
Olo yakosa kulebafye grateful
Limbikila patience ni virtue
It’s been a minute ever since I came through
We both know nili infinite
Nenzeko way before naba Infinix
Enzo akita (actor) and I was a lyricist
So he won’t stop being a “clitoris”
We still trade pama slippery grounds
We inventend what you’re figuring out
We keep grades that you niggas is out looking for so we don’t be speaking out loud.
Delivery niku martenity
Bene ba metaphor mpaka eternity
Beef naine, what is your benefit?
Ni retirement nga Pope Benedict.
Ula nkonkamo sana nga lunshi pa mafi
Ichefye pushi kufukama fye
Record on fire mu booth parrafin
Iyi mpaka napa news bulletin.
Everybody is against me
Nabalya nali nabo napa first
Like a divorce ba supporta X (ex)
Signing like they all know where the cheques be;
Uli pa payroll kuli rapper muzako
The company man sindine muzako
Take a bow now SmaQ ni bambo
Shut your loud mouth you’ll get in trouble
Naumfwa energy yaisa (yaisa)
Kanshi ama enemy baisa (baisa)
Ba nsansa njikele fye baisa ba nsanga I’m ready for war
Durability ni energizer
Kulilako faka fertilizer
Nkuku za loni nemfweyo yaisa
Mupaiwa either you like it or not
I’m doing all this for the culture
Napaya babwele badye ma vulture
Like I already told y’all mu gallery mwanga simu pezeka ma sculpture


Guy ni sculpture waikata
Guy ni sculpture (Lord)
Guy ni sculpture (Lord)
Ni fwebo twamu pangile ilya ine ine abelamo
Yeah we bout to go viral now just like…. a rapper’s sex tape you know
Elyashi, Umujumbuli
The return of the Lord son.

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