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Simphiwe reveals the sad part about being a public figure


Simphiwe reveals the sad part about being a public figure

Simphiwe Ngema speaks about the sad part of being a public figure.

Most persons dream of becoming famous and having the light shine on them, however, Simz who is experienced in that area reveals the disadvantage that come with being a public figure.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she said: “The sad part about being a public figure is that, people will bully you and bully on social media and you have to take it and take it and take it. Siyakhathala nathi. If you clap back or reply then it’s an article on some newspaper.”

Meanwhile, on the 3rd of August, the singer remembered her late husband who was murdered 4 years ago. Thankfully, the murderers have been sent to life imprisonment.

Taking to Instagram on Dumi Masilela’s 4th year anniversary, Simz said: “MaNgema, Dlokovu. I’m in awe of the person you have become. Four years ago, this day broke you and someone new was born. It hasn’t been easy but you’ve conquered so many battles. I appreciate your smile because I know how many times you’ve cried. Today, I choose to celebrate you for living your truth. For being gentle and soft. For believing in love no matter how many times it broke your heart. Let the sun shine in your face. #03August2017.”

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