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REVIEW: Teambulldozer Income Program a Scam or Legit (TBD Review)




REVIEW: Teambulldozer Income Program a Scam or Legit (TBD Review)

Good morning and welcome to PHCityHype, first on our Review session we’ll be introducing you to 2020 Nigeria’s most legit income programme in the name “Teambulldozer Income Program a.k.a TBD income”.

Team Bulldozer offers the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria using an Android phone and your facebook account.

This is not a get rich overnight program, you’ll get to toil a little bit, and you can get there in five working days and cashout every weekend Friday.

Who’s ready to toil and make some serious cash during this pandemic time? I think you are, and that’s why you’re reading this review.

Teambulldozer income program (TBD) Was built and launched On 18th of March 2020 as far as we can tell.

Just like any other income generating platforms, its adviceable you join as an early bird cos they always benefit more.. Instead of joining when it has way too many members and casted towards crashing…

Just like NNU, TBD platform is a community like Facebook where members get paid weekly for doing the same things they do on Facebook. Things like sharing posts, commenting, posting and other things. You also get paid anytime you bring someone to the community. but unlike NNU, referring people to TBD is completely optional but lucrative.

Due to the fact that there are too many fraudulent platforms online, I had to indulge in series of investigative research before joining and also make this reviw. I joined after discovering that the business was 100% genuine and guaranteed. There’s always ups and down but am yet to regret joining and I’m very sure you will enjoy the business.

TBD Income program is a sustainable side money making opportunity created by Team Bulldozer with the aim of giving Nigerians the privilege to easily raise huge capital for any long term business of their choice.

Team Bulldozer stakeholders had a deep thought and concluded that instead of looking for loan to start-up any desired long term business, it is better to work smart and raise the capital by leveraging on a proven income generation system.

Starting any business with your own money gives one peace of mind and guarantees easy access to financial freedom and this is the inspiration behind the eruption of TBD Income Program.

As a participant of TBD Income Program, you could be earning at least N3,000 to N,5000 daily using your mobile phone. TBD Income Program gives even a novice the opportunity to achieve his/her dream with less pressure.

Here’s what you get if you get join us

Purchase a lifetime premium membership pack of N1,500 on account registration.

Earn ₦50 activity points any day you login to your dashboard

Earn 200 activity points for each content you share to Facebook. You can share 1 to 4 sponsored contents daily.

Earn 5 activity points for viewing posts and another 5 activity points for every comment you make.

Earn 250 points for composing any quality post on the forum.

Get instant ₦1000 bonus for anyone you refer to grab this opportunity. That is N10,000 for convincing 10 persons to join TBD Income Program. This is completely optional.

All activity points are converted to naira at the rate of 4points = ₦1 while you get paid directly to your local bank account.

Note:Referral bonuses are paid on a weekly basis while all activity points are also paid weekly once you earn up to ₦2000 = 8000 worth of activity points.

Cashout day is every week Friday

Minimum Activity Earnings withdrawal is ₦2,000 & Minimum Referral Earnings Withdrawal is ₦3,000

Proper accountability, good management and genuine transparency form the major reason why the sustainability of TBD Income Program is 100% guaranteed.

Qwerty generates the money.

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