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Mono diet: Here’s why eating just one food for weight loss is a bad idea

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Mono diet: Here’s why eating just one food for weight loss is a bad idea

When it comes to losing weight, we try everything that is available to us. From intense workout routines to restrictive diet plans, a lot goes into making weight loss a reality.

However, until and unless we see results, we continue to look for various hacks and alternatives to make it happen.

That said, following a mono diet is also a weight loss approach tried by many. It is said to have certain benefits but is not devoid of drawbacks, often listed down by dieticians and fitness experts.

But what does it really mean to depend on just one food item? Is it possible and can it even ensure safety and provide results? Here’s everything you need to know about this diet plan.

What is a monotropic or mono diet?

Mono diet or monotropic diet is a type of diet where a person consumes just one food item or food group for several days or weeks, given what’s been recommended by the dietician.

This particular weight loss trend made headlines back in 2016 when comedian and magicial Penn Jillette wrote a book talking about his weight loss journey, where he shed about 100 pounds by eating nothing but just potatoes for two weeks.

This gave rise to other variations of mono diet such as milk diet, fruitarian diet, carnivore diet and egg diet.

Does it help in weight loss?

Mono diets can prove effective for some, however it all depends on the kind of food you choose to eat.

Eating just one food doesn’t mean that you can gobble down on anything you like and in any quantity. Everything needs to be done in a restrictive order. For instance, if you’ve opted for a low calorie vegetable food then you’re likely to lose some weight. However, if you eat high calorie foods like chocolates, then you’re likely to gain weight.

For a mono diet, some of the common foods you can choose to eat are potatoes, apples, milk, pears, eggs, bananas, chocolate and some food groups consisting of meat, veggies, legumes, fruits that you can add to your mono diet.

Is eating just one food for weight loss healthy and safe?

Mono diets are extremely restrictive and cut out most healthy foods. It is simple and easy to follow, given that there are not many guidelines to follow like other fad diets. It can also prove wondrous for short-term weight loss goals as it cuts down most calorie-rich foods in the process.

However, it is also important to note that besides cutting down on high calorie foods, it also deprives you of foods that are high on nutrients and extremely healthy, which is why it is unsustainable.

Why is eating just one food for weight loss a bad idea?

Although a mono diet may increase your chances of losing weight, it can also make you deficient in necessary nutrients. Limiting different types of foods that are rich in many healthy nutrients makes you more prone to an impaired immune system.

Apart from that, it also encourages you to resort to unhealthy eating habits. While mono diet stresses on eating one food during the course, it does not promote any physical activity. Over time, it builds an unhealthy relationship with your food which does more damage than any good.

That said, mono diets, although may seem effective for weight loss, are simply unsustainable and too restrictive. It may not be very practical and easy to follow.

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