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Mobile gaming dominance in South Africa is here to stay – why do we prefer it?

mobile gaming dominance in south africa is here to stay why do we prefer it


Mobile gaming dominance in South Africa is here to stay – why do we prefer it?

The past couple of decades have seen a real shift in how people in South Africa like to access their favourite forms of entertainment. Checking the latest Kaizer Chiefs news can be done via the internet, for example, while watching the latest movies or TV shows is all about digital streaming services like Netflix. Listening to music is also done through streaming services such as Apple Music. One other form of digital entertainment many people like to enjoy regularly is playing online casino games.

Over the last 20 years or so, the online casino sector in South Africa has really taken off. This is in tandem with the global online casino sector, which is reportedly worth close to $70 billion now. There are many reasons why playing online games in the country has become so popular. Mobile play is perhaps the biggest factor, though, and it seems people just cannot get enough of playing games via a mobile device. In South Africa, for example, the online gaming market is set to hit a revenue figure of $111 million by the end of 2021, with mobile casino games making up a big part of this.

All this shows that mobile gaming is becoming ever more dominant in the sector. The number of people who own mobile devices and use them on a daily basis is, of course, the overriding headline here. But why else has this way of gaming online become so dominant around South Africa?

Range of mobile casinos to game at now

There are some amazing mobile casinos in South Africa to play at, offers a list where you can see the most safe and secure offerings. This is a really big reason why mobile gaming has grown so much and why many people in South Africa have been drawn to it. Without the range of fun and secure mobile casinos to play at, the mobile gaming industry in the country would not be so dominant and not be the preferred choice for many people. It is still vital to do your research before signing up with any, though, and to ensure that you choose a platform that offers excellent customer support, decent payment options and a great user experience.

Convenience and portability

One reason we seem to prefer mobile gaming is the convenience it offers. Using your tablet or smartphone to game means you can play anytime, anywhere and without having to wait to get home. Playing games on your mobile device is also something you can quickly do when you have a few minutes to spare. After all, your phone or tablet is always conveniently at hand when you are on that boring commute or work lunch break. Modern mobile devices are also lightweight and compact, which makes them very portable. You can simply have them in your pocket and whip them out when you fancy playing games online. This is naturally not an option with desktop PCs and not always possible with laptops.

Better games and mobile tech

Mobile gaming has also started to become the preferred choice in South Africa due to the improvements in the tech that powers these devices. The features included in an iPhone 12, for example, make it much more powerful and enjoyable to game on than an earlier iPhone model. With better GPUs, graphics chips and processors, mobile devices now give a smoother, superior experience. This has helped the whole sector flourish and appeal to more people.

The same is also true when looking at the games you can now play on mobile devices. Titles that games studios now release make best use of the latest tech in mobile devices to deliver stunning graphics and sound. Even a brief look at a current online slot from a developer such as NetEnt is proof of this! This means mobile games are something people increasingly want to play in modern South Africa.

Mobile dominance is here to stay in general

The simple fact is that mobile phones have become huge around South Africa in recent years and this sees more people than ever use them in daily life. This may be to catch up on the latest SA celeb gossip, for example, or use their tablet to check emails or conduct a video call. Mobile dominance has certainly taken root in the online casino industry as well, and has been on a steady rise in recent years. There is no doubt that mobile play has helped online gaming become more popular itself and the above shows just why this is the case.

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