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Minnie Dlamini urges Mzansi to pray for her and family – Here’s why


Minnie Dlamini urges Mzansi to pray for her and family – Here’s why

The Jones requests South Africans to pray for them as they’re out of commission.

Taking to Instagram stories, Minnie Dlamini claims that herself and her family are out of commission. She spoke about how real the virus is and that everyone should stay safe as the wave is hectic.

“My family and I are currently out of commission…COVID is real and this wave is hectic!!! Stay safe and keep us in your prayers!!!” she said.

Mrs Jones wasn’t too detailed, but it’s assumed that they might have tested positive and are trying to stay safe.

Some weeks ago, the TV personality tweeted about how rough things has been for her.

She revealed that she’s lost too much persons to death and it’s not helping her emotionally.

With the look of things, Minnie really needs prayers and people by her as she’s emotionally drained. She appears not to be active on social media like she used to.

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