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Mary J Blige raped me when I was 15 – R&B singer Danny Boy makes shocking claims (PHOTO)



Mary J Blige raped me when I was 15 – R&B singer Danny Boy makes shocking claims (PHOTO)

R&B Superstar Mary J Blige may be the next celebrity to get caught up with a 25-year-old #MeToo scandal after an R&B singer is claiming that she molested him when he was just 15 years old. Mary J Blige was about 24 at the time.

MTO News learned that former Death Row singer Danny Boy is coming out with some very disturbing allegations. According to Danny Boy, a then 24-year-old Mary called up Suge Knight and requested that he send the 15-year-old boy to her hotel room.

Danny Boy claimed that once there, Mary allegedly enticed him into having s*x. The R&B singer claims that he and Mary carried on an inappropriate relationship for many months.

Danny Boy told his story during an interview on the Youtube channel The Art Of The Dialogue, and in it he describes a situation where an adult Mary J. Blige coerced him into a s_xual relationship.

Watch Video Below:

The incident occurred in California which has some of the strictest child predator laws in the world. And as a result of Danny Boy’s statements – Mary could face criminal charges.

According to the California Penal Code, if the victim was a child (i.e., a minor under 18 years of age) when the incident occurred, prosecutors have an unlimited time to file charges if they have “independent supporting evidence of the crime” – like Danny Boy’s recent interview.

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