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Izangoma Zodumo – “I was threatened, poisoned and liver isn’t functioning well”


Izangoma Zodumo – “I was threatened, poisoned and liver isn’t functioning well”

South African traditional healers are experiencing worse behind the scenes of their reality show, Izangoma Zodumo.

In reality, Prudence Magagula, known as Gogo Ngwemabala is receiving death threats and her health is suffering.

Taking to Instagram and Facebook live, Prudence narrated all the hideous experience she’s getting from people making every effort to have her dead.

She said the threats came after she appeared on the popular show, which was aimed at debunking myths around izangoma.

According to Daily Sun, her happy mood came to an end after she bought a new house, which housed her new initiates.

Sadly, one of the initiates who works for the people who wants her dead, poisoned her, and it’s affected her liver, as it’s not functioning well.

Ngwemabala told the People’s Paper that she’s scared for herself, her child and sibling.

She also spoke about a hijacking earlier this year, where her brother and few of her initiates were held at gunpoint by unknown men.

She narrated other effort made by those people to kill her. There was a time her initiates and brother went out to get food, and they got stopped and by some people, who forcefully wanted to know about her whereabout. She reached out to the police, but they got to her place three hours later.

She said in another incident, she and her initiates were robbed by three guys.

“I don’t know how we survived that, but they took whatever they wanted to take,” she said.

Gogo Ngwemabala has cried out for help, and even met with the police.

Concerning the video clips making rounds about her on social media claiming she’s evil, her lawyer Professor Sizwe Snail ka Mtuze said it’s false.

“We can confirm there are various defamatory, malicious and unlawful statements and actions being made by various persons against our client in order to cause harm to her good name, dignity and reputation,” the lawyer said.

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