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I satisfy all their sexual needs – Meet woman married to 7 husbands

i satisfy all their sexual needs meet woman married to 7 husbands


I satisfy all their sexual needs – Meet woman married to 7 husbands

A woman who is married to seven husbands has spoken out on how she manages her men.

In a viral video, the woman who is also a traditional healer said that she has built them houses each and also caters for their needs

She went on to reveal how she keeps them in check from cheating on her, saying she possesses super powers.

The lady went on to state that it is at her discretion when it involves intercourse as she decides which of them it should be.

She lives differently from most people in her community, she has never cut her hair, has the ability to raise the dead, and is the wife to seven husbands.

This is the life of a revered Ugandan spiritualist, Allman, popularly known as the Female Samson.

In an interview with Afrimax, Allman recounted how she was made to marry some residents the elders of her deity chose for her, in a bid to produce many children, which is a source of her power.

According to the spiritualist and traditional doctor, her service to her deity requires she gives birth to as many children as possible, but she can give birth to just one child per husband.

“I am a traditional doctor. I use the power of the dead to heal other people. And to be able to do that, I have to marry to get power and also to avoid punishment from my elders,” she said.

This is what led her into polyandry, and she is currently a mother-of-six, and yet to give birth for her recent husband.

Interestingly, Allman said her husbands live in harmony, each with his own house that she built for them prior to their marriage.

On how she satisfies them sexually, she said she is the only person that has the power to demand sex, and she chooses who she craves for.

“I satisfy all of them from time to time. None of them has ever complained and none will dare cheat because the elders will reveal it to me in a vision before it happens,” she said.

In the clip, all her husbands were mute, save for sipping and passing to the next person a drink in a gourd she had held.

Allman receives queenly treatment from her husbands. She doesn’t walk on foot as she is constantly conveyed in a palanquin. Others ensure she doesn’t sweat and two of them are dedicated to fanning her.

The video has generated mixed reactions on social media.

Some believed that the men must be under a spell, others hailed her as the real queen.

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