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Flybouy-“North West Ruler” (Lyrics)

flybouy north west ruler lyrics


Flybouy-“North West Ruler” (Lyrics)

I still represent the ghetto
Am Down like the peddle
U rappers raping for wrong reasons turn me to a rebel
This kingship get it settled
you boy are not my level
Red hot kill mCs for a living is like the devil
These nigas clamming god welcome to the tabernacle
Nd this is a holy verse my niga straight from the temple
Now, see me flexing on these nigas lik tentacles
The fact that am still breathing today is a miracle
Takkin shots at niga
Martin xampa with camera
You nigas talkin cheap
stay in your lane bruh
This is a massacre in the street there is a bloody blood bath
Your record labels ain’t shit if not the aftermath
You nigas better prepare for war because the titans clashed
Word on the streeets flybouy is the niga with the cash
Even through
the boy still survived
When they said he wouldn’t make it passed 25
Damm ur music careers i put the city on with one song
Grown man i grew my self a beard nd my dick grown
My life movies fuki**g careers lik i act porn
ANd Am a city boy like Ck th don
Some body tell these haters to leave me the hell alone
Am about to explode and blow lik a time boam
I told u nigas am the niga with the master plan
Nd i proved to be the best from time to time
Fake nigas keep a distance like corona virus
All the glory be to heile selassie
I went from being a nobody to dressing all classy
The best of a few breed,
Hashtag thes gods gon bleed
I kill like assassins creed
Shout out too the blood and creeps
Tell em we run the street
Still rock my jesus piece
No evil no triple 6
These raps i came to fix
So please forgive this fat ass claiming to be the north side king

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