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DJ Zinhle opens up on not having a car


DJ Zinhle opens up on not having a car

DJ Zinhle got fans speechless after dropping a bomb on not owning a car.

The DJ had question and answer session with fans and she was quite honest with her answers.

It’s assumed that she has a car, so a fan asked what type she drives, as she doesn’t have the habit of flaunting cars.

To our surprise, Zinhle is yet to be a car owner.

However, she flaunted her bicycle.

“What kind of car do you drive?” fan asked.

In response, the DJ said, “Eish, I don’t have a car.”

Well, we want to believe that lack of money isn’t DJ Zinhle’s reason for not owning a car yet, as she is among the top 10 rich musicians in South Africa.

Aside the money made in the music industry, she got other businesses that are active till date.

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