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Diary Session: Check Out The BBNaija Housemates Voted As The Wild Cards


Diary Session: Check Out The BBNaija Housemates Voted As The Wild Cards

Big Brother invited the Season 6 Housemates into the diary room to reveal the housemates they suspect as Wildcards.

We recall that Biggie gave the housemates their first task to figure out who the wild cards are. It was disclosed that if the housemates successfully predict who the wild cards are, then they would be evicted during the next live show which is expected to take place today, 1st August.

Accordingto Biggie, if they fail to predict who the wild cards are, then they (Wild Cards) would have the privilege of staying in the house to contest for the grand prize of 90 million naira as the case may be.


  1. White Money Thinks it’s Pere and Liquorose
  2. Princess nominates. Beatrice and Yerins.
  3. Niyi nominates Jaypaul and Liquorose.
  4. Arin nominates Jaypaul and Liquorose.
  5. Jaypaul nominates Emmanuel and Beatrice.
  6. Cross nominates Jaypaul and Liquorose
  7. Angel nominates Jaypaul and Liquorose
  8. Saga nominates Liquorose and Jaypaul…
  9. Tega nominates Emmanuel and Saskay
  10. Emmanuel nominates Jaypaul and Liquorose
  11. Liquorose nominates Beatrice and Yerins
  12. Yerins nominated Yousef and Princess.
  13. There is another twist… biggie didn’t ask Princess for her nominations
  14. Sammie nominates Beatrice and Yerins
  15. Jackie B nominates Beatrice and Yerins
  16. Saskay nominates Liquorose and Yerins
  17. Nini nominates Liquorose and Jaypaul
  18. Yousef nominates Jaypaul and Beatrice.
  19. Beatrice nominates Jaypaul and Arin
  20. Boma nominates Beatrice and Yerins

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