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Cultism no Dey pay But I did who goes der! and made profit!! – Dandizzy

Cultism no Dey pay But I did who goes der! and made profit!! – Dandizzy 

Former Cadily rapper, Dandizzy made a post on his personal Twitter Profile that got a lot of people talking. But let’s look at the current music industry and the trend most of the artistes based in the city follow; it seems songs that talk about cultism and all sorts of crime make more sales than the conventional HipHop and RNB songs.

Many people in the entertainment sector, however, have aired their concerns stating the dangers these type of songs who cause the entertainment sector if the trend is continually entertained.

Let us take a closer look at Dandizzy’s Post.

Cultism no Dey pay But I did who goes der and made profit!!

The A part simply means, “Cultism does not Pay but he made a song about cultism and made money from it“.

First, the song by Dandizzy who goes der! does not encourage or promote cultism in any way but rather pointed out the numerous ways of living in the city of Port Harcourt which I can authoritatively state that “Cultism is a way of life in Port Harcourt”

We no be mate even if u Dey shout aro Mate!!!

The B part read “We are not mates even if you shout Aro Mate”. 

Before we continue, “Aro Mate” is a common slang used by a group of Cultists in Nigeria called the Iceland.

Though the singer did not mention a group of people in his post, it is, however, clear that Wavezaddy is of the opinion that cultism does not in a way make someone successful and talking or making a song about the bad practices in your environment does not make you less of the person who wants the best for your city.

I believe this somehow is a shade to all the people who see crime as a way of life in the city and at the same time an answer to the people who think singing about the crimes in your environment is a means of Demarketing the city.

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