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Chef 187 ft Cinori Xo- “Easy To Love” (Lyrics)


Chef 187 ft Cinori Xo- “Easy To Love” (Lyrics)

[Verse 1: Chef 187]

Chila chibelushi ama flower
Text every hour
“sleep well” message pa chungulo nga kawa
Ishandi ninshi it’s ours, ishakwe shakwe eka
Lyonse kuba sour ba potential nakateka
She’s ever at the mall shopping outside the budget
Elo apo ninshi talati eingile mu bar yet
Nshala empty mu mano na m’matumba
Nga alala nolo apyamofye elo namona ka punda
Apakupemena pena epo fyala penena
Nabyela love mona manje filemena
Mufyashi alenjeba, “uyu nimpiya akutemwena, ukesa iluka ninshi umutima akuchenena”

[Chorus: Chef 187]

Aba easy to love koma hard to please
Easy to love, hard to please
And I got to please her (ndeunfwa kwati)
Feel like I got to please her (speak on it)
First mpeteke nama sleeves

[Verse 2: Cinori XO]

Yeah… Its Cinori XO
Yea, look
She had a body like a goddess it was calling me
But money over loving
All this life became a policy
I had to take a better seat, had to bring her next to me
Her style unlock the pension of the radius in ecstasy
Well hold up
All of your friends be showing jealousy
I know why they be hating cause your beauty is full of energy
I had a glass that’s really full of Hennesy
They kill all of my distractions and distressful thoughts of enemies
I turn to Jazz showed him all that I could see
Your Marilyn Manroe fatigue was messing with my memories
Alone inside my class
Grabbed you by your hand
Showed you how to dance
Even had you close but scared to take a chance
When I had you laughing I really thought I was the man
You one in a million girl you would never understand
That you one in a million girl you would never understand, yea

[Verse 3: Chef 187]

Leather seats ifipuna muli two doors
Amenso ni munshi after a few booze
Passenger’s seat mwikele baibe
Alenwinapo nama shots we celebrating
No occasion but ndeunfwa douje
I’m like 5 minutes to just losing it
Lunshingwa amenso nayafina pano
Drunk driving awe mami katwimakane
Ba RATSA bale pemesha
5 cars kusogolo nima pweneka
Oh bushe kukeba bale ndeunfwa nga Cashtro
Mudala ekesa lipila, paliba cash flow
I’m coming after you kwati later V
Nebo nshilanda bwino, I’m better zi
Nga naponena ba rede, you better be
Cause ifi naleka wapita ni courtesy
(Lyrics Compiled: Young ThoLeh Justice’s VerrioWn)

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