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BBN Season 6: Housemates Undergo First Punishment [Details]


BBN Season 6: Housemates Undergo First Punishment [Details]

The BBNaija housemates have received their first disciplinary action from ‘Big Brother’ today. Biggie instructed the housemates to carry out a new task because they didn’t prepare for the eviction show.

As announced by the head of house, Big Brother noted that the housemates won’t be reminded to prepare for live eviction shows anymore.

The task

— The housemates are instructed to dress as Ninjas in the big brother house.

— They were told to separate rice that have accidentally mixed with beans in a bucket. They have a deadline of two hours to complete the task.

How It all started

During the wildcard votes in the diary room, ‘Big Brother’ asked Angel to tell the housemates to prepare for the live eviction show. However, the housemates did not take the information serious because they thought she was joking. They ignored her when she relayed the information to them.

Afterwards, ‘Big Brother’ asked Saga to inform the housemates that they’re going to be punished for disregarding the information.

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