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Allow People Verbalise Their Emotions –Actress Bimbo Ademoye Advises


Allow People Verbalise Their Emotions –Actress Bimbo Ademoye Advises

Nigerian actress Bimbo Ademoye has reacted to a post about emotions on her Instagram stories.

The screen diva advised people should be allowed to speak about their emotions without stopping them.

Bimbo Ademoye made this statement while responding to a post about the importance of teaching one’s kids to verbalise their emotions.

The post reads; “Teach your kids to verbalize emotions so they don’t grow up to be adults who shut down when they feel anything other than happiness.”

In the light-skinned actress’ response, she opined that she gets angry when she sees people complaining about a man or lady talking too much when victims are emotionally distressed.

“For sure. Nothing irks me more than the phrase “he talks too much for a man” “she’s talking too much.” Urghhh. Let people let it out,” she retorted.

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