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Actress Nkechi Blessing Brands TAMPPAN’s Suspension ‘Joke Of The Century’

actress nkechi blessing brands tamppans suspension joke of the century


Actress Nkechi Blessing Brands TAMPPAN’s Suspension ‘Joke Of The Century’

Chubby actress Nkechi Blessing has reacted to her suspension from the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPPAN).

Nkechi Blessing, who was penalised alongside actor Kehinde ‘Lege’ Adams, rubbished the penalty placed on her for ridiculing the association’s image following her social media quarrel with Lege over Baba Ijesha’s alleged rape.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, Nkechi noted that since they delivered the letter to her in an Instagram post without contacting her personally, she found it to be the ‘joke of the century’.

When asked about how she feels about the suspension, Nkechi said, “I don’t feel any way. Firstly, an organised association should use proper measures to address a person they describe as their member. Since the letter was ‘delivered’ through a mere Instagram post without calling my phone or sending me an email, I consider it to be the joke of the century.”

Nkechi also maintained that she would not appeal to the association. She said, “Appease who? For what? What offense did I commit? So, there is no longer freedom of speech? (Imagine them) suspending someone that left them a long time ago.”

In the statement, the chairman of TAMPPAN’s Guild of Directors, Damola Olatunji, directed film directors, who are members of the association, not to work with both actors until their suspension was lifted.

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