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Actors Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu share their journey after testing positive for Covid-19 (VIDEO)

actors hungani and stephanie ndlovu share their journey after testing positive for covid 19 video


Actors Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu share their journey after testing positive for Covid-19 (VIDEO)

Undoubtedly one of Mzansi’s favourite celeb couples, actors Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu recently took to their YouTube channel, The Ndlovu’s Uncut, to reveal that they tested positive for Covid-19.

In the candid video update, Hungani and Stephanie shared how they’ve been dealing with being Covid-positive.

“On Saturday before Mother’s Day, the Friday, I went for a shoot and managed to shoot the whole day. And the Saturday I wake up with Dololo taste. It’s gone. Like I have no taste, I have zero smell.

“Worst of all, I knew there was a problem. Guys, have you ever smelled eucalyptus oil? If you can’t smell eucalyptus oil, there is a problem. So I say to Hungani on Saturday that this is Covid-19,” Stephanie said.

Hungani added that soon after Steph started experiencing symptoms, he started to see some himself. The couple got tested and the results came back positive.

The Scandal! actor explained that the hardest part in addition to the painful symptoms, was having to isolate from each other.

“Besides from the loss of taste and a little bit of the tight chest, I think the most difficult thing was isolating from each other in the house. We were not sleeping in the same room. Pretty much not eating in the same space. Medically that’s what’s recommended because of the spreading of germs,” Hungani said.

Steph revealed that she had the worse symptoms between the two and said the symptom that frustrated her the most was the taste and the smell.

Watch the full video below:


Since starting their YouTube channel, the couple have been an open book to their fans, sharing their highs and lows. However, maintaining the channel hasn’t been a walk in the park.

Earlier this year the couple spoke about how the “expectation” to meet the “high” bar they had set in terms of the content they created and shared with the fans started to get to them.

The pair admitted that the whole vlogging exercise became a tiring chore for them and they nearly gave up. Hungani and Steph added that it became especially difficult for them to keep up when they had a lot going on in their lives.

“It became harder because there was always this expectation to sort of create this mind-blowing content because we started on a high. It was exhausting and there was a lot of times when we both felt like we wanted to give up. It wasn’t just about creating this amazing content but also, a lot was happening in terms of ourselves and our marriage. But we needed to persevere,” they said at the time.

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