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5 Things to consider before starting a Website

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5 Things to consider before starting a Website

There are a lot of things to consider before starting a blog, it includes funds for hosting space and domain tld, etc, today we’re looking at 5 Things which you ought to put in place before getting started.

The Goal

Before creating a Websiteyou should think through why your website needs to be online: is it supposed to be for personal use, like a portfolio or blog or to create online awareness for your brand or company, it could get hard to start, but you’ve got to get a clear objective.

The Looks

Cool cat! You’ve actually gotten your set goals right you’ve decided to build an online news portal, why not checkout other what other news websites look like, with that, you can picture out how you’d love your news blog/website would look like.

The King

Throughout my years of website development and SEO research, quality content and SEO has always been in every Web devsʼ major talk points, with that, I’ve come to the conclusion that Content is King and SEO is Queen, what am I saying? Niche specific, you need to be writing contents that are related to what your website is about, and don’t don’t forget, evergreen and relevant articles.

Follow the trends on Google, Twitter & Instagram, pick out the trending tags/hashtags related to your niche/what your website is about, research on them, write quality content with them and checkout your website traffic stats.


When we talk branding, what comes to your head? To us, it’s your website logo, color scheme/pattern, rich media watermarking to make your website standout, and on the other hand, right to contents published.

For logos, you should get a professional graphics designer to create a good logo to represent your website with a touch of your blog/website color scheme.

Rich Medias (Images, Audio files and videos)

This Media files do well in complimenting articles, they work to show more lights on salient points. Aside that they are SEO friendly if implimented with correct tags and bring about quick Search Engine indexing.

That’ll be all for now, have a nice day and happy valentine ♥.

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