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4 ways to stop yourself from scrolling social media all day

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4 ways to stop yourself from scrolling social media all day

Owing to the pandemic most of us are stuck at home all day and all night! We are unable to socialise to our heart’s content and we’re bored with the monotonous routine.

At such times, the only thing that comes to our mind while being bored is to check our phones.

The moment we open our phones, our first instinct is to check all possible social media platforms and once we fall into the trap, we can’t stop.

Scrolling social media endlessly can lead to a variety of negative emotions. It can make you envious of other people’s lives and can make you feel like you are somehow lagging behind from the rest of them.

It can also make you feel tired, jealous and incompetent. So we have some easy ways for you to stop yourself from swiping social media all day and save yourself from the trap.

1. Spend your free time by indulging in your hobby

Whenever we are free or want to take a break from work we instantly open social media. But there are many other interesting things that you can do in your free time, like engaging in your hobby and making a conscious effort to stay away from your phone.

2. Use apps

Such apps can be pretty helpful in stopping the endless scrolling. There are many apps in which you can set a certain amount of time for which you can use social media and when you cross that time, the apps send you a notification to not use social media any further.

3. Turn off notifications

When for example, you’re working and your phone buzzes to let you know that someone has recently posted a new picture on their profile, you instantly stop your work to see their post and end up scrolling social media for an hour. So to stop this from happening the best way is to turn off your social media notifications so that they don’t distract you and make you fall in the trap.

4. Hide the social media apps

Another effective way is to hide your social media app icons. You can simply create another folder and add all your icons of social media apps into that folder so that the moment you unlock your phone you don’t have to see those apps on your home screen.

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