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2021 WordPress SEO Tricks

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2021 WordPress SEO Tricks

WordPress SEO sometimes turn out a bit tricky, new blogs sometimes tend to outrank older blogs and vice-versa.

They are a lot of factors that influence how high you rank and how fast your contents gets indexed, shorter domain names are no factors, Quality contents, rich media contents, slick and easy to navigate blogs, server response time, are some of the many factors that influence ranking etc.

Today we’ll be looking at 7 factors, those which we focus on, here on PHCityHype, they include, Theme, Plugins, Caching(Website loading speed & size), on-site SEO, off-site SEO, Analytics & Spam/Bots Protection.


Your website UX/UI influence how search bots look and access your site, and it’s also a major ranking factor, what do you do then?

Install a fast loading WordPress theme, some recommended themes include: Newspaper X, Jnews, Jannah Mag, The Publisher, Clickmag, Flexmag, Zoxnews, Zoxpress, Newsblock, Schema Pro, MH magazine pro, all the afore mentioned themes are mobile and retina ready, they support all advert formats, schema enabled and are mostly premium.


Depending on what your website is about, Plugins are also websites backbones depending on your team features, they add more functionality to the website as separate modules, it is not adviceable to have too many plugins installed, since they might have negative effect on the website speed. This one’s are must have, Akismet, WP Jetpack, Fasty, RankMath SEO/ The SEO Framework, WP Amp, Better Robots.txt, Bialty, Fast Velocity Minify or WP Super cache, Perfmatters, WP Htaccess Editor, & Internal link Juicer.

Caching(Website loading speed & size)

Slow or broken websites could send both search bots & your visitors to other sites thereby increasing your bounce rate, that’s why we recommend optimising the site with WP Jetpack image CDN, Fasty (has no settings in free version but does a load of good deeds optimising as observed via Gtmetrix test results), for Css, JavaScript and page cache we’ll get to use either Fast Velocity Minify or WP Super Cache.

On-site SEO

No one is a master when it comes to this, write optimised articles with search keywords embedded in the content and please avoid keyword overstuffing, for backend install RankMath SEO or The SEO Framework. I for one personally used to use RankMath, but for trying out an alternative, The SEO Framework. The SEO Framework is a super alternative with a very simple settings module, you can get your site ready for search engine indexing in few seconds using any of the SEO plugins.

Don’t forget BIALTY for image alt SEO auto setup, Amp for Google, and Better Robots.txt, Perfmatters and internal link Juicer for interlinking contents automatically.

Off-site SEO

Build social media audience for your website, examples include Facebook fan page/group, WhatsApp group, Telegram channels etc, by so doing you’ll increase your chances of getting more unique social visitors.

The Jetpack Publicize helps in spreading the love, the very moment you click on any finished article publish button.


RankMath SEO, Jetpack & Perfmatters got you covered when it comes to website analytics/statistics.

Jetpack Stats records all sites traffic, by year, month, weeks, and days, they can be accessed anytime any day.

Perfmatters helps in sending those stats collected to Google in other words increase your ranking stats, RankMath while optimising your on-site SEO can also display the statistics from Google, send Goodle every update on your site, ping your site every second it gets updated.

Spam / Bots Protection

Akismet & Better Robots.txt helps in elimating bad bots from crawling the site, block bots from spamming the website, and more…

For today, that’ll be all, stay with Us and don’t forget to follow us on all socials.

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