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10 best work-from-home jobs in South Africa

10 best work from home jobs in south africa

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10 best work-from-home jobs in South Africa

As a result of advanced technology, a lot of job opportunities are at the doorstep of those interested in working form the comfort of their home.

There is never a shortage when it comes to working from home regardless of whether you work for a corporate remotely or intend to build a business.

So, which work from home jobs in South Africa can one do? Interestingly, most of the career options highlighted will guarantee an adequate annual income equal to or higher than your current or prospective salary.

Here’s a list of them below.

1. Bookkeeping business

Anyone can undertake a bookkeeping course and start a bookkeeping career right at their home. The industry is highly competitive and will earn you about $35,000 depending on your efforts and level of skills.

2. Internet security specialist

Businesses are now worried about data security and internet safety following rampant cyber-attacks. You can work remotely as an internet security specialist and help these corporates in monitoring their systems against attacks. Also, you can help in installations of data protection systems for good pay.

3. Copy writing

Upwork and Fiverr are some of the best places to start if you intend to offer commercial copywriting services from your place of residence. The venture is particularly lucrative in our fast-paced print media.

4. Event planning

Events are becoming rampant calling for organized people to help with planning. Be it a wedding or corporate event or a birthday; you can work remotely and get the work done to success and earn well.

5. Instructor

Whatever your knowledge or field of expertise, you can help others through paid tutorials. People with skills in playing musical instruments are particularly on demand both in person and through different online platforms.

6. Film and instructional videos

With a free YouTube account, you can share to the world what you know best. Instruct the world and help those in need acquire unique skills in different fields ranging from cooking to electronic repairs and troubleshooting. Youtube partner programs will reward you heavily based on the number of views you generate. In the current standing, people with instructional YouTube Vlog earn up to $2 for every 1,000 views.

7. Data entry

You can work from home South Africa typing by inputting data for corporates and businesses. Work from home South Africa data entry may sound like shoddy work, but wait until you start earning. Several companies now require skilled persons to help in handling overwhelming marketing, sales, production, and data relating to financial projection. Data entry starters earn about $10 hourly. Lucrative, isn’t it?

8. Child caregiver

Do you have sufficient space at your home? Why not change that into a child care center. Whether it is on a full-time basis or for specified hours of the day, you can make a fortune by helping parents take care of their children while they are out working. Make sure to have proper licensing and permits before starting the business.

9. Customer service representative

The venture is suitable for individuals with excellent communication skills. Start the business by connecting a stable internet and acquiring landline and earn up to $15 hourly working as a customer service representative from the comfort of your home.

10. Work as a baker

Invest in your passion by working as a caterer chef or baker to tap into this promising market. You can bake right in your kitchen and deliver to your clients based on their order. With increasing numbers of events and celebrations including birthdays and weddings among other events, the need for skilled bakers is higher than ever before.

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